Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm stuck in colder weather

It's been a quiet couple months, huh? I wish I could say that I've been busy, but this isn't the case. I've just been lazy or unmotivated. Combined, it is the enemy of productivity and creativity.

I did rejoin the ranks of facebook after a three month hiatus. My return was not announced with bells, whistles, or any great fanfare. To be honest, I was't expecting anything anyhow. I just decided I had had enough soul searching, and was ready to hop back into my digital life.

Life is much less hectic now, since I've scaled back my job duties. I. Love. It. I'm never going back to such a break-neck pace. I enjoy having free time to pursue my hobbies and interests.

Speaking of which, I have read four books, knit 60& of a sweater, and started a vegetable garden. Spring is here, people! Take advantage of it! I am blessed to live in Southern California, where the growing season is ridiculously long. Hurray!

I've also been busy with a couple of photo gigs. I've cracked into the Maternity and Wedding venues! I think I have arrived as a "serious" photographer. (Hahahaha....)

Here are a couple of photos from the latest gig:

I changed my logo a bit. I'm not wholly committed to the name either, but in the meantime, this will do.

It's so easy to take photos when the subjects are so energetic! Isabele was a joy to work with, and her personality just leapt into the lense.

I am very proud of myself for this shoot. Especially since that backdrop was from Target! Did you know that bed sheets make a wonderful backdrop? Well now you do! Just don't be lazy like me, and actually iron yours :)


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