Friday, November 26, 2010

Mama's Pearl

Some days you just gotta put on some Jackson 5 and dance around like an idiot. Ya know? I've been stuck at home for hours without human contact. I think I've got cabin fever. Ha!

I've spent the last five hours by myself in the house knitting and writing a term paper. I feel at once productive and a slacker. I did get some homework done, and I managed to finish a baby sweater. But at the same time there is so much MORE homework I should be doing, not to mention a thesis I should be writing, and I'd rather just look up pretty stuff on Ravelry or watch trashy reality tv.

 Speaking of, I just finished "If I Can Dream". The latest brain child by Simon "The Jerk from American Idol" Fuller. It was.... interesting? Five ridiculously good looking young folks get the opportunity to make it in hollywood and they spend their time complaining, sleeping or turning down roles. The only one I could understand was when the conservative girl didn't want to bare her breasts. I agreed with that... but all the others? Wha? In the end I ended up liking the obnoxious kid from American Idol because he was at least out there, you know, trying to do something.

I wish there was an "If I Can Dream" where people give me lots of yarn, sheep, alpaca, a spinning wheel and money to support myself. We could follow my progress into the world of fiber art and see if I could make it as a maker of yarn and designer of knitwear. You guys would watch, right?

Maybe we could start a letter writing campaign to.... Debbie Bliss? Interweave? Someone give me a chance!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gobble Gobble

I have started countless posts in my head, typically while driving to and fro about my day. I promise, each and every last one was going to be amazing. And now, I sit here compelling myself to write something half way decent.

I blame all the papers I've had to write these past few weeks.

I know I wanted to talk about being a behavior analyst.

I also wanted to talk about being a knitter.

Some days, the two just seem to go along hand in hand, and somedays I feel bad for being more into one than the other. Usually, I feel guilty for the knitting, because far too often I put off my homework to play with sticks and strings. Three times this week I have given serious thought to just give up pursing a Masters and live a life of fiber. But I bet that's just the stress talking.

For some reason, this season I have been waaaay into things yarn related. I found a few wonderful blogs to read and their craftyness has just inspired me to start designing. I have so many good ideas, but I lack the time and discipline for sitting down and making it happen. A quick look into The Closet of Unfinished Business will tell you that. So many sweaters! I have to buy new needles because all of mine are on sweaters.

Maybe 2011 will bring a much needed focus. Or at least a new sweater :)