Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gobble Gobble

I have started countless posts in my head, typically while driving to and fro about my day. I promise, each and every last one was going to be amazing. And now, I sit here compelling myself to write something half way decent.

I blame all the papers I've had to write these past few weeks.

I know I wanted to talk about being a behavior analyst.

I also wanted to talk about being a knitter.

Some days, the two just seem to go along hand in hand, and somedays I feel bad for being more into one than the other. Usually, I feel guilty for the knitting, because far too often I put off my homework to play with sticks and strings. Three times this week I have given serious thought to just give up pursing a Masters and live a life of fiber. But I bet that's just the stress talking.

For some reason, this season I have been waaaay into things yarn related. I found a few wonderful blogs to read and their craftyness has just inspired me to start designing. I have so many good ideas, but I lack the time and discipline for sitting down and making it happen. A quick look into The Closet of Unfinished Business will tell you that. So many sweaters! I have to buy new needles because all of mine are on sweaters.

Maybe 2011 will bring a much needed focus. Or at least a new sweater :)


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