Monday, November 21, 2011


It's been two weeks since my facebookicide, and let me just say, it's really liberating! In the last two weeks since I have removed the shackles from my heels, I have been far more productive with my time at home.

That said, I have some fun new pictures to share. I have been donating my time to the community in efforts to provide those of lower economic status the ability to give professional family portraits in their Christmas cards. I am always game for new challenges and thus far, it has been difficult working with posed pictures. Even though I am completely in control and can manipulate everything prior to sessions, right down to lighting, it's still unnatural. That unnatural feeling translates into my photographs if my subjects are not completely comfortable. It's tough to covey the feeling of ease and fluidity when you are posed for a picture and waiting for everyone (yes, even the three year old) to look at the camera.

If anything, this foray into the realm of still, contrived photography has given me the opportunity to practice prior lessons (like frame the picture before clicking and paying attention to EVERY detail) as well as learning new ones.

Another upside to doing portraits was the excuse to purchase a super cute backdrop from Lemon Drop Stop Studios! I absolutely love their product and will certainly be purchasing more in the future. I got the least expensive option and it's super high quality. It also comes out great in the pictures. Check them out and buy a couple backdrops, you won't be disappointed!

Here are a few snapshots from the first session. I am editing the others this week.

Overall, I had fun and I cannot wait to get better and better!


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