Sunday, January 9, 2011

Singin' in the Rain

Last month, I had the pleasure of working with two wonderful people on my first real attempt at a photo shoot. It was good practice for me, and I could not have asked for more photogenic subjects! Their energy, love, and enthusiasm really made my work easy.

In doing this photo shoot, I realize the importance of framing before ever clicking the camera. I had a lot of great shots, but since I'm somewhat new at this, some of the shoots could not be edited the way I like because I didn't frame it correctly to begin with. One thing that I tend to lack in whatever I do is planning. I don't plan for what I want, I just like to see what happens through the view finder. Unfortunately, there are a lot of photographers out there who do this, usually hobbyists trying to do this as a side gig. I myself am a hobbyist, what with a full time job and grad school taking center stage, but I really want to work at becoming a professional. I want to make sure everything is framed, everything is accounted for, before I start clicking away.

Not to say that candid photos are not great, but you can't have great candid photos without great preparation, right?

Anyhow, here are a few sneak peaks. Please excuse the logo, I'm still working on it! :)

Not bad, for a first shoot :)


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