Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't Judge Me

It's a beautiful day and I thought I would spend some time with the pups. We have a massive backyard for them to run around in, but they don't do much running unless we are back there with them.

I took a few pictures, but felt really embarrassed, because the weeds in our backyard are just massive! I am not exaggerating. We haven't done anything about it though, because they're pretty much the only thing that DOES grow in our hard clay/sand soil. There are areas of the backyard that have been lasagned (See here) for a garden later, and I am so glad I covered them with tarp before the weeds grew!

Just to prove how large they are, here is a picture with our Shiloh Shephard, Ivy, who I affectionately call the BEAR. She comes up to my hip and intimidates everyone with her massive size.

Only her head pops up. Those weeds are massive.

I took these pictures on my new Quantum LG that I'm still learning how to use. This new phone that I got for work is pretty impressive. The picture quality is very clear and I can do all those things my tech savvy friends were doing four years ago, like get email and check in to foursquare and tweet. So far, I'm locked in a battle for mayorship of my local Starbucks. I swear, I will defeat you random stranger!

I can also make calls and texts. So now... I'm more reachable than ever.


From a hermit like me, I am not sure if I am pleased with this change, but it was necessary for work. So while I get random emails all day, at least I can take cool panoramic shots of my horribly weed-filled backyard!


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